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  • UK Hardcore Ravers Show 17-04-14…Bigger than your usual Radio Happyhard Event
    17/04/2014 by
    Reverse The Bass- Online Radio Station rocking it down and repping it for the RAVERS once again for our Thursday UK/HAPPY HARDCORE Ravers Live show! Tonight featuring a cheese greats and classics set in anticipation for Sublime Rewind from our queen JOZZI who we are so happy to report has a new tried and tested connection to play off so expect a FULL Jozzi set without cutouts/disruptions! Add to that another 7 live performances from the likes of DJ Comrad3, Fazed, HA2F, Melbournes DMB & DX plus international powerstomp set from Robbie Joyrider williams! Join us 100% live from 5.00 AET and enter the long weekend the Happy...
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  • Mashup Tuesdays 15/04/14. Enter a new week of live shows!
    15/04/2014 by
    Reverse The Bass- Online Radio Station back to represent the Harder sounds for another week kicking off with our MASHUP Tuesdays show tonight. Live from 6.00PM AET catch Ben Eleven, DJ Beesa, Fazed & DJ D-activ-8 in action with a selection of different styles to kick off the weeks shows. Only on #RTBRadio *Or find us on the TuneIn radio app for smartphone/tablet*   6.00-7.00: Ben Eleven (Hard Tech) 7.00-8.00: DJ Beesa (Hard Trance) 8.00-9.00: Fazed (UK Hardcore) 9.00-Close: DJ D-activ8...
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  • HARDSTYLE Saturdays 12/04/14
    12/04/2014 by
    Saturday means nothing but HARDSTYLE on Reverse The Bass- Online Radio Station! This week we bring you another action packed show full of everything Hardstyle. Kicking off from 1.00PM AET, Join us for your pre-night out festivities. TIMETABLE BELOW! 1.00-2.00: Wahnie (Oldschool) 2.00-3.30: DupleX (RAW) 3.30-5.00: Clive Warren (RAW) 5.00-6.00: DJ D-activ-8 (RAW) 6.00-7.00: Alex Vega presents VegaTron 1-5-0 podcast Episode 6 7.00-8.00: DJ Royals (Mainstream/Reverse Bass) 8.00-9.00: Tosh1R (Feels set) 9.00-Close: Flux (Nustyle) Only on #RTBRadio *Or find us on the Tune In Radio app*...
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  • HARDSTYLE Saturdays 05/04/14
    05/04/2014 by
    Reverse The Bass- Online Radio Station presents this weeks HARDSTYLE Saturdays kicking off shortly from 1.00PM AEDT. Serving you up with everything HARDSTYLE! Only on #RTBRadio TIMETABLE: 1.00-3.00: Dj Mechazawa 3.00-4.00: DupleX 4.00-6.00: DJ D-activ-8, Ben Eleven & Krip pre-Pulse warmup 6.00-7.00: DJ Hated 7.00-8.00: Tosh1R (Pre-HMASIF set) 8.00-9.00: DJ Beesa 9.00-10.00: Sexy Simo 10.00-Close: Flux...
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  • HARD TRANCE Weekend Warmup 04-04-14
    04/04/2014 by
    Time for the harmonious and powerful sounds of HARD TRANCE! Live tonight from 7.00PM AEDT featuring performances from favorites DJ Royals, Forenzic, DJ Beesa & DJ Hated in his first Hard Dance/Style set on RTB! You know where it’s at: Right here on RTB Radio. 7.00-8.00: DJ Royals 8.00-9.00: DJ Beesa 9.00-10.00: Forenzic 10.00-Close: Hated...
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